One-fold booklets

The LD-Print printing house offers a wide range of services in production of printed image-building products, including booklet printing with one fold on sheets of various formats – from A6 to A3. The scope of application of such printed products is quite extensive. Our customers order the printing of booklets with one fold to be used as:

  • Advertising medium
  • Price lists
  • Menu for a small cafe
  • Invitations
  • Postcards, etc.

Features of printing booklets with one fold

The main reason why this product is so popular is that you get a perfect-looking advertising at minimal cost. The cost of printing a booklet with one fold is more affordable than the fabrication of more complex printing products, while it is an effective medium and looks more imposing than a regular flyer.

Depending on the marketing budget and individual wishes of the client, we print booklets on regular coated, design or representative paper.

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