Image-building catalogs

The LD-Print printing house offers a wide range of printing services, including production of image-building catalogs in various formats. A catalog is one of the most effective ways to present the features of the company, the advantages of products or services.

A printed catalog is an opportunity to quickly convey the necessary information to the target audience. It allows you to simultaneously tell about the key characteristics and promote active sales. A high-quality image-building catalog will create positive associations with your brand or product at the emotional and sensual level of perception.

Features of printing image-building catalogs

  • This type of printed products is indispensable if you are preparing for an exhibition or other promotional event.
  • Depending on the advertising budget and the customer’s wishes, we print catalogsusing digital or offset printing.
  • Printing catalogs with LD-Print allows you to use a variety of techniques to enhance the aesthetics and originality of the product – matte or glossy lamination, selective varnishing, use of design or representative paper as the basis.

More information about the terms of cooperation, cost and available circulations of printed image-building products can be obtained from our managers by phone or in the price list on the website of the printing house.

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