Booklets with two folds

The LD-Print printing house print booklets with two folds on various paper types – coated, design or representative. Depending on the amount of information that will be arranged on the booklet, it can be ordered in any format – from A2 to A5.

Features of printing booklets with two folds

  • It can be used not only as an image-building material – we can print price list, restaurant menu, etc. on the booklet.
  • There are various options of bending a booklet with two folds – with its side parts inwards or сoncertina.
  • The higher the paper density, the more imposing and presentable the product appears.

At the LD-Print printing house you can order the printing of a booklet with two folds with individual design, or use the services of our designers to develop the layout. We print booklets with a circulation starting from 1000 copies in the shortest possible time – from 1 to 4 days! To learn more about the terms of cooperation, call the printing house in St. Petersburg.

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