Brochure with file staples

Binding with file staples is a kind of clip binding of sheets in a brochure. A special feature is that the outer part of the paper clip has a looped shape that allows you to conveniently attach printed products inside file folders creating a filing.

Features of printing brochures with file staples

  • Brochure may be bound with file staples alone or together with conventional ones. For example, regular paper clips with a bend inside are at the top and bottom, and a file staple with an eye is inside.
  • Paper of various quality and density can be used for brochures. For the inner pages, specialists of LD-Print recommend offset or coated paper with a density from 55 to 250 g/m². Design or representative paper with a density from 115 to 300 g/m² is better for the cover.
  • Similar to conventional clips, file staples suit for products with the total number of sheets not exceeding 120.

At the LD-Print printing house you can order the brochure printing with any method of page binding. Use the professional advice of our  managers at our printing house in St. Petersburg to choose the best option in terms of reliability and price.

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