Booklets with three folds

In the LD-Print printing house you can order the printing of booklets with three folds with a circulation starting from 1000 copies. We create image-building products on various types of paper – coated, design and representative. You can also choose the appropriate size for the booklet – from A1 to A3.

Features of printing booklets with three folds

  • In expanded form, the product has a sufficiently large area that can be effectively used for advertising goods and services.
  • Presentable appearance and visual solidity of the product depends not only on the design, but also on the paper density. You can order booklets on paper with a density of 90-275 g/m².
  • Folds can be formed in various directions – bending outer edges inside, сoncertina, bending with counter folds.

Production time for various circulations of booklets at the LD-Print printing house in St. Petersburg vary from one to four days. We create printing products according to the client’s layouts, as well as provide design development services according to the customer’s specifications.

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