Brochure with decorative elements

Brochure is not so much a printed edition, but an effective marketing weapon used to win back customers from competitors, develop a wide target audience, and global promotion of information about goods and services. In order for a brochure to fulfill all the objectives, it is important to develop the design in a creative way and implement it correctly using decorative elements in printing.

Features of printing brochures in LD-Print  

To emphasize the originality of printed products, we suggest using the following:

  • Design and representative paper for the cover.
  • Lamination or varnishing of the cover.
  • Selective varnishing.
  • Die-cutting of heads.
  • Perforation and other techniques.

Specialists of the LD-Print printing house will print brochures with a design of any complexity in the shortest possible time. The minimum order is 500 copies. Call our printing house in St. Petersburg, and we will offer you effective decor options for brochures to improve the image of your company.

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