Brochure (magazine) on a paper clip

At the printing house LD-Print in Saint Petersburg, you can order the printing of brochures and magazines with various methods of sheet fixing. The most affordable option is to fix on a paper clip. This is a traditional version, similar to the signature method. Depending on the brochure format, one, two or more paper clips may be used.

Features of printing brochures on a paper clip

Specialists of LD-Print recommend to use the clips only for brochures with dimensions from 65×105 mm to 350×390 mm and the total number of sheets not exceeding 120, including cover sheets. With a larger number of sheets, it is better to use other options for binding sheets, for example, spring or hot-melt glue.

Brochures on a paper clip can be printed in a portrait or landscape orientation. Coated or offset paper is used for inner sheets, design or representative paper is used for cover.

We apply an individual approach to each client. Call our printing house in St. Petersburg, and we will find the most affordable, practical and presentable option for printing brochures for specific purposes.

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