The easiest and cheapest way to print a book is to make a staple binding. Staples are metallic elements used to fasten sheets together. At the LD-Print printing huse, we print books using staples of different metals – copper, steel, galvanized steel. This option is in demand when you need to print a brochure, manual, magazine, etc.

Features of printing books with staple binding

The assembly procedure for the book is as follows:

  • Individual sheets are printed.
  • The printed material is arranged in the required order.
  • Sheets are bent in half. In most cases, scoring is used.
  • Locations for staples are marked.
  • Sheets are pierced and fastened with staples.

The advantages of this type of binding, in addition to the low price and speed of stitching the book, are also the perfect match of the illustration elements at the centerfold and convenient thumbing.

Please contact LD-Print specialists if you need to print a book and choose the most suitable binding option. Please call the printing house in St. Petersburg or come directly to our office.

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