About us

Printing house "LD-PRINT" is a modern printing company of a full cycle, carrying out high-quality full-color offset printing in the shortest possible time. Our company was founded in 2010 on the basis of the existing production site. Thanks to its production capacity, LD-PRINT is the ideal partner for you if you publish:
  • logs;
  • books (hardcover or softcover);
  • multi-page directories;
  • large-circulation sheet products (cartographic, advertising);
  • and more.
One of the most important competitive advantages of our production is its high performance. Printing is equipped with modern high-speed - unique for the North-West - printing machines, which are equipped with device sheet flipping, i.e. the output is an A-1 format sheet sealed on both sides. Overall printing equipment productivity is 400 thousand sheets per day. Prepress and postpress operations are also performed on high-tech automatic lines. The choice of equipment is not accidental: our main activity is the production of full-color books and magazines and large-circulation sheet products. The presence of two full-size machines at once is a guarantee that your publications are always will be printed right on time.
Highly qualified staff ensures the most efficient use of production capacity. The professionalism of the staff guarantees you a fast and high-quality execution of your order at any stage: from adjustment layout to the delivery of finished products.
Specialists of the sales department are always ready to offer you the optimal solution for high-quality and timely printing. services in St. Petersburg. Our partners are publishing houses, advertising companies and the largest enterprises of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Volgograd and other cities of Russia who entrusted us with the production of their printed products.
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