Information catalogs

The LD-Print printing house prints catalogs of any format and type. An information catalog is an effective tool for promoting information about the company’s products, current special offers, planned events, etc. It allows a wide range of target audience to familiarize themselves with your goods and services, as well as helps attract new customers.

Features of printing information catalogs

You probably should order the production of catalogs:

  • If you are planning to participate in an exhibition. Distribution of such printed material in the entrance area will ensure a stable flow of visitors to your display.
  • If you are holding a promotion, for example, a seasonal sale of products.
  • If you are expanding the range of products, adding new types of goods into it.

In these and other cases, printing of a catalog will inform your customers and clients about the situation. An information catalog may be issued in connection with a certain event or on a regular basis. Depending on customer requirements, the LD-Print printing house in St. Petersburg will print catalogs of any circulation starting from 500 copies using a digital or offset method on paper with a density from 90 to 275 g/m².

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